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The perfect blend for the ultimate skincare journey

Our team understand the changes our skin goes through during our lives from the young to the older and the needs of these lifecycles are all different. Our ambition is to REDEFINE, REVITALISE AND RESTORE! We never say anti ageing, we are for and promote AMAZING AGEING by offering treatments that focus on and targets skin of all types. Together, YOU and our Treatment Advisory Consultant can Access, Discuss and Design a skin plan to achieve BEAUTIFUL natural skin.

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Meet your treatment advisory consultant 

Prior to any treatment you will meet our Treatment Advisory Consultant. During this consultation, all of your skin needs and concerns will be addressed and discussed. At this stage we will offer advice on the best course of action to take. Together we will create a tailored client plan to achieve the best, most natural results. Consultations are key to any successful outcome in understanding and accessing each clients individual requirements. 

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Meet your  aesthetic nurse

Lauren's career began as a dedicated acute stroke nurse with more than five years experience in one of Londons top hospitals. She trained in Kingston University, London and graduated with a  Bachelors of Science degree in nursing.

Lauren's keen interest in facial aesthetics came during this time and she trained in dermal and lip fillers in Londons famous medical district Harley Street with Dr Kate Goldie.

Since returning to Ireland, Lauren has since extended her skills and trained in PRP, Microneedling, Profhilo and Sunekos. She also has an in depth knowledge of the prescriptive medical grade skincare range ZO which is exclusive to the medic profession.